NetBSD device drivers - easier than you might think, 2009-05-24 00:00:00 #
Okay, so this is basically a post about procrastination as I avoid working on . One thing that struck me was how accessible this part of the internal working of NetBSD were. I mean, seriously, if I can get a working device then anyone can. NetBSD Documentation: Writing a pseudo device tells you everything you need to get started (well, ) And studying other drivers shows that they mostly all look the same, use the same few conventions, and can offer a lot of hints on getting something functional fast. A device-writing section in would be a very welcome addition and would give some nice background to the networking pseudo device chapter. I guess it's time to get some reading in about and friends but if you have an idea for adding a little this-or-that to NetBSD, I'll bet you can get a functional pseudo device in one day or less. p.s. Should I be doing this whole thing with ?

tags: c,programming